FlyingPress Features

Everything you need for a faster WordPress site.

Page Caching

Generate static HTML pages and serve them directly from your web server.

Cache Preloading

Automatically generate cached pages when you make some changes.

Remove Unused CSS

Generate critical CSS and remove unused CSS.

Preload links

Preloads a page in the browser right before a user clicks on it.

Delay Script Execution

Load and execute non-critical scripts only on user interaction.


Minify CSS & JavaScript files in the server or via FlyingCDN.

Defer Scripts

Avoid render-blocking scripts by deferring them.

Optimize Database

Optimize and clean up database tables and set them to autopilot!

Lazy Load

Lazy load images, HTML elements, videos, iFrames, and more.

Optimize Google Fonts

Self-host, combine and preload Google Fonts. Optionally display fallback fonts.

Prioritize Resources

Prioritize critical resources like the above-fold images, fonts to load in high priority.

Reduce Layout Shifts

Add missing width and height attributes to reduce layout shift caused by images.



A premium distributed network of high-end edge servers to accelerate delivery of your static files.

Image Compression & WebP

Optimize your images on the fly and convert them to WebP. Your original files are intact, and no extra disk space is used.

< 30ms Global Latency

Thanks to our global network of 70+ PoPs, FlyingCDN can be reached in less than 30 milliseconds in most areas around the world.

Global File Replication

FlyingCDN automatically copies your files across different regions giving an unparallel performance on accessing uncached files.

Custom Domain & SSL

Connect your subdomain and remove branding. We automatically provision free SSL and leverages HTTP/2.

NVMe + SSD Powered Servers

All of our CDN servers are powered by NVMe and SSD technology to ensure millisecond latencies when serving your files.

Tier 1 Network Partners

We use only carefully selected network providers in top tier data centres for the best reliability and performance.


FlyingPress is simply the best at what it does, making it the default speed plugin I use across all my WordPress sites. It combines simplicity with well thought out features that'll make the slowest site fast.

Ready to fly? Speed up your site today.