Generate Critical CSS

- Generate critical CSS
- Reduced cumulative layout shifts

Font Optimization

- Self-host, inline & combine Google Fonts
- Add fallback fonts while loading (display swap)

Lazy Loading

- Lazy load images & iFrames
- Native or JavaScript lazy loading
- Exclude above fold images
- Lazy load any background images

Page Caching

- Generates static HTML pages
- Configures Nginx/Apache/LiteSpeed to serve cache
- Preload pages in browser on mouse hover

Remove Unused CSS

- Find and remove unused CSS
- Detect dynamically injected CSS classes

Defer JavaScript

- Remove render-blocking JavaScripts
- Delay scripts until user interaction
- Fix render-blocking jQuery scripts
- Remove jQuery migrate

Minify CSS and JavaScript

- Minify CSS & JS files in the server or via CDN

TTFB Optimizer (coming soon)

- Cache pages in the cloud
- Deliver pages in <30ms globally


< 30ms Global Latency

- 40+ PoPs worldwide
- Tier 1 network with 18Tbit+ backbone
- NVMe + SSD powered servers

Global File Replication

- Automatically replicate files across different regions
- Unparallel performance on accessing uncached files

Minify CSS & JS on the fly

- Offload minification from your server

Image Compression & WebP

- On the fly image compression
- On the fly WebP conversion
- Conditional WebP delivery

Custom Domain & Purging

- Connection custom domain
- Purge CDN cache in one-click

Resize Images for Desktop & Mobile

- Deliver resized images depending on the device

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