Introducing FlyingCDN Wallet!

Till now, FlyingCDN was subscribed from FlyingPress plugin settings page and we charge from your credit card every month, based on usage.

We admit it wasn’t perfect:

So today, we’re introducing FlyingCDN Wallet!

What’s FlyingCDN Wallet

All accounts will have a FlyingCDN wallet which can be used for FlyingCDN subscriptions. You can recharge this wallet anytime using a credit card, debit card, or PayPal.

The pricing of FlyingCDN remains the same. Instead of charging your credit card monthly, money will be debited from your FlyingCDN wallet, $3/100GB per month, per site.

You can recharge FlyingCDN wallet as low as $3 or up to $300!

Existing FlyingCDN Subscriptions

If you’re already using FlyingCDN subscriptions, we highly recommend moving to the new FlyingCDN Wallet.

We’ll be removing FlyingCDN integration inside the FlyingPress plugin settings page in the upcoming versions.

To migrate:

  1. Cancel your existing FlyingCDN subscription from the CDN settings page.
  2. Recharge your FlyingCDN Wallet from the account’s page.
  3. Create a new FlyingCDN.

If you’re facing any issues, please contact us.